Home Finance Our Home Finance is a Sharia compliant alternative to conventional home loan where we finance the purchase of residential properties. It is based on Ijarah structure - a leasing contract that includes a promise by the lessor to transfer the ownership of the leased property to the lessee, either at the end of the contract period or on stages during the term of the contract. The ownership is executed through either an independent sale transaction or gift transaction.
Available for purchase of property or land.
Flexible payment tenure up to 25 years.
Fast approval and easy documentation.

Property Finance Our Property Finance is developed using the Diminishing Musharakah structure which fulfils your property finance needs whether it is to purchase ready property, construction, purchase of land plot, renovation and extension of existing property. This transaction starts with the formation of a partnership between Maisarah and the customer, followed by renting our share to the customer and subsequently selling it to the customer.
Available for purchase/ construction of property.
Flexible payment tenure up to 25 years.
Fast approval and easy documentation.

Auto Finance Our Auto Finance facility is based on the concept of Murabaha, a Sharia compliant alternative to conventional auto loan. We purchase the vehicle of choice from the dealer/ individual and sell it to customer who pays the price of the vehicle in easy instalments while the ownership of the vehicle remains with the customer and only the vehicle is mortgaged to Maisarah. After payment of all the instalments, the mortgage on the asset is removed.
Financing is available for new and used vehicles.
Flexible payment tenure up to 8 years.
Fast approval and easy documentation.

Goods Finance Our Goods Finance is based on the Islamic concept of Murabaha where we finance the purchase goods for personal use. Based on the customer request, we purchase the goods from the supplier and them to the customer. The price of the purchased goods can be paid in easy monthly instalments over a period of up to 120 months. Goods Finance is a Sharia compliant finance facility that is comprehensive, affordable and completely hassle-free.
Financing up to 100% of goods cost.
Flexible payment tenure up to 10 years.
Fast approval and easy documentation.

Travel Finance This product offers Travel Finance solution based on the principle of service Ijarah, to fulfill the needs of customers in a Shariah compliant manner where we lease certain services to customers for a certain pre-agreed period against the payment of service charge that is paid on monthly basis. Travel finance covers flight tickets, car rentals, transportation costs, accommodation, package tours, etc. It is also an ideal option to finance Hajj and Umrah expenses.
Financing options to cover all type of travel expenses.
Finance period of up to 10 years plus 2 deferments each year.
Fast and easy approval with simple documentation.

Credit Card Maisarah Credit cards are based on the Islamic financial principles of Qard Hasan (interest free loan) and Ujrah (service fee). This facility helps customers in managing their daily requirements and to purchase products and to withdraw cash against a small fixed fee.
A diverse range of privileges to enrich customer experience.
First card in the Sultanate with built-in Qibla direction feature.

Wa’ad Product To facilitate customers in hedging the risk of foreign currency price fluctuation, Maisarah offers sharia compliant hedging facility on the basis of Wa’ad.
Allow hedging a future exchange rate volatility risk.